XLB-2003 Laptop Backpack Without lock(Black)

XLB-2003 Laptop Backpack Without lock(Black)

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● Versatile for all ages people for professional office bag, travel daypack,
college/school backpack.
● Safe laptop sleeve, easy-access middle compartment, purse/wallet pocket,
mobile-phone pocket.
● Made of Nylon material. Water repellent and spill proof.
● Includes various functional pockets, one for laptop compartment, with the
thick soft padding for the protection. Also the main compartment can keep
3-4 cloth for business travel.
● Unique shoulder strap design with massage mats. Breathable cushion tight fits
the back & shoulder.
● Usb Charging Port -- External Usb Charging Port Is Provided On Side Of
The Backpack To Charge Mobile Phone And Other Electronic Devices.
● Light Weight & Comfortable Ergonomic Design.

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Compartments :

Laptop Compartment :

- Secure space for a laptop of up
to 15.6” size. Elastic strap
provides extra safety.

Water Bottle Pocket :

Keeps your water bottle in
place for quick access
when you need it.

Power Bank Compartment :

- For keeping your power
bank so you never run out
of power on the go.

Sun Glass Holder :

For hooking sunglass or sunglass
case. You don’t have to carry it
on hands all the time.

Key Holder :

Allows you to keep all keys in
an organized way. No hassle.

Tablet Compartment :

Safely keep your tablet away
from other components and get
quick access.

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Washing Instruction

Preparation :

Empty your backpack from all your belongings. Turn your backpack
carefully inside out and use a small vacuum to clean the interior
corners that might have small particles of dirt and garbage. Turn it
back to outside out and clean dusts/dirts by using damp cloth or

Instructions :

1. Add enough warm water and washing powder into tub.
2. Take out all the stuff and clean the dust on bag before washing
into tub.
3. Submerge the bag into and rub the every part of bag properly by
4. Keep it into tub for half an hour to one hour.
5. Clean it by water and put into dryer room or in front sunshine by